About Us

Oak Hill Farm is a regional beef cattle seedstock operation located in Washington County, PA. Our mission is to breed quality Black Angus cattle. Oak Hill carefully selects the finest beef genetics to produce cattle that will finish with a grade equal to Certified Angus Beef, "CAB," or better. We stand behind our seedstock sales

Oak Hill Farm, LLC is a producer of registered Angus seedstock involving over 100 breeding-age females. Sale of breeding bulls and bred females is by private treaty, year round. Oak Hill uses its own carefully selected herd sires as well as artificial insemination, and in vitro fertilization to produce its genetics. Oak Hill evaluates its calves using performance and EPD data and HD50K genetic analysis to achieve genetic excellence for calving ease, growth and carcass quality.

Oak Hill is engaged in small scale vegetable production. Hydroponic lettuce and field grown tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, squash, root vegetables, beans and other vegetables are harvested May to October. Vegetables are sold at the farm, at local farm markets and grocery stores. Oak Hill offers individual cuts of beef and fresh vegetables through the Oak Hill Harvest CSA.

Management Team:

Oren Smith, Owner/Manager, Beef Operations

Beth Smith, Owner/Manager, Vegetable Production

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